Radio Fire Alarms

 A&B (Fire Prevention) Limited was a distributor, with over 10 years experience, in Radio Fire Alarms. Systems Installed Include:

  • Stoneyhurst College, Blackburn

  • Ribchester Hospital, Preston

  • Park View Hospital, Blackburn

  • Bradford Health Authority, Bradford

  • Nunsmere Hall Hotel, Northwich

  • Horncliffe Mansions, Rossendale

Visits ITS Fire for Radio Fire Alarms  and also see their  Wireless Fire alarms Systems

 At the heart of the Millennium EDA system is a compact control panel designed around a 16 bit processor and featuring surface mount technology it is capable of supporting 3000 devices and versatile software means that the Millennium EDA system will interface readily with most other hardwire systems and is user friendly. All elements of the Millennium EDA System conform to the relevant sections of BS5445/5839 and are CE approved. radio fire alarm
smoke detector Detector units are powered by a minimum of two lithium batteries giving ten years backup supply. Batteries are monitored throughout their life, an early warning of failure is given so that a further 60 days normal use is available before failure occurs.

Optical Smoke Detector EDA-R300

The detector operates by detecting the scatter of a pulse of infra-red light in the presence of smoke. The use of pulse techniques and sophisticated electronic circuitry provides a sensitive detector with low current consumption and ensures freedom from false alarms.

Ionisation Smoke Detector EDA-J300

Using a dual ionisation chamber incorporating less than 0.7m Ci Americium 241this detector operates by measuring the change in ionisation current caused by smoke entering the chamber. This kind of detector detects both visible and invisible smoke and is particularly suitable for protection of areas where volatile material is present.

Heat Detectors (Rate of Rise EDA-D300 & Fixed Temperature EDA-S300)

The rate of rise heat detector is a sensitive device capable of detecting small but rapid changes in temperature. The fixed temperature heat detector sense a rise in ambient temperature and operate at a pre-set value ( available at 65 C and 75 C)

radio callpoint Call point EDA-C200

The call point is a frangible type BS5839 part 2 which is operated by breaking the glass. An LED indicator is provided and the re-set is achieved using a magnet to operate the internal reed switch.

Transmitter Unit EDA-T200

The unit is provided to interface other types of trigger devices such as beam detectors , air conditioning duct probes or gas extinguishing systems into the Millennium 2000 System. The interconnect wiring is monitored.

Sounder Unit EDA-A200

The unit is a self-contained electronic sounder incorporating both a receiver and transmitter unit requiring no external wiring. It contains two separate battery supplies, one acting as a backup to the other, with sufficient capacity for upto 5 years use under normal conditions Tone adjustments are provide both by internal selections or by transmitted signals thereby enabling several types of audio signal.

radio sounder

The Millennium EDA fire system is suited for all types of proposed installation, however it is most commonly specified where one or more of the following constraints occur.

Environments where the disruption caused by hard wiring is unacceptable

New buildings where the architectural requirements dictate that all cables must be hidden

Temporary installations where the system needs to be installed and removed at a moments notice.


Key Benefits:-

  • Cost Effective means of upgrading
  • Installation is rapid and non-disruptive
  • Only Control Panels require wiring to a power supply

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