Tech 9V.
Mains Tech. Spec.
Master Tech

self contained fire alarms.

A&B (Fire Prevention) manufactured a range of robust, self contained fire alarms which provide an effective and economical manual Fire alarm System suitable for the smaller building.

The range comprised of :

Primary Battery Operated:-


Cost Effective

To Comply with
Fire Precautions
(Workplace) Regulations
enacted Dec. 1998


Each unit will operate in the quiescent state at full standby for a period in excess of 12 months, and in the event of low battery emits an audible warning.

Mains Operated.

Both the Bulldog and Terrier are available in mains operated
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Master Fire Alarm.

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Robust in construction, weatherproof and designed to be battery or mains operated the Master Alarm system carries a NATO number 6350-99-778-94 504 and meets the extreme conditions encountered by the British Armed forces and has been used in both the Falklands and Gulf conflicts as well as Arctic conditions.

The units are interlinkable.

Key Benefits

  • Ease of Installation.
  • Low Maintenance costs.
  • Low capital cost.

Important - Please Note:

Klaxon Signals acquired the self-contained range of fire alarms from A&B (Fire Prevention) Ltd. 

self contained fire alarms

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